Jane Gutcher

Designer and Creative Director

Whether braiding scraps of leather into a bracelet or sewing up a laptop cover-come-evening bag, Jane was always in experimental mode in her home studio fashioning items that were adopted by her daughter or were coveted by friends who would quietly request one of their own. As the requests became more frequent, she started to produce some of her creations not just for herself but also to gift them to friends, who loved her simple yet modern aesthetic.

An artist and freelance graphic designer by trade, it was a whirlwind adventure as a shoe designer that led to her to working with factories in Italy and Brazil and attending leather fairs in Italy and New York, that sparked Jane’s fascination with leather as a creative medium.  With November Lark’s inaugural collection, she is excited to showcase her creative vision. 

When not overseeing production in the studio or sketching ideas for a new handbag, meeting with leather and hardware suppliers or crafting a prototype of the latest ideas, Jane can be found at home with her family in Toronto. She is often in her kitchen, whipping up elaborate culinary concoctions for her husband, two children and any friends or family who happen to drop in for a visit and perhaps a peek at her latest creations.